New Garage Door Installation Toronto Services

Our expert garage door repair technicians are capable of building high-quality custom garage doors to suit any commercial and residential setup. The perfect design of custom garage door not only ensures durability but also adds on to the aesthetics of your house or office.

For over a decade the experienced technicians of Supreme garage doors Toronto designed and handcrafted wooden garage doors and carved its niche in the industry. We also keep steel and overhead garage doors of multiples shapes and sizes those are comfortable fits and suit your style statement. While designing custom garage doors, our engineers keep in mind the color and décor of your home and provide an exact match.

New Garage Door Installation Toronto

Know More About Garage Doors Specifications Toronto

When you are planning to get a custom new garage door installation Toronto, one of the most important factors to consider is its size. You have a garage for standard vehicles and the size of your garage door should also commensurate. If you have large cars or RVs to keep in the garage, the doors should be bigger and taller.

Before measuring the right size of your garage door, you should first check the type, dimensions and the number of vehicles that can be kept in the garage. We will be happy to help with any queries. They will visit your residence and get the appropriate size of your commercial or residential garage door.

The robust material is one of the most crucial aspects of your custom garage door. A good design should be backed by great material. The wooden garage door offers elegance and style, and steel doors provide unmatched durability. Apart from these, you can also consider vinyl and composite to be the core material of your garage door.

Custom garage doors come in various styles. Our design engineers will discuss the style options with you and help you choose the right one that complements your office or home. Some of the custom garage door options are:

  • Shape – square top and arched
  • Style – bi-fold, swing, tri-fold, options like glass, number of panels
  • Color – natural, painted, contrasting
  • Material
  • Finished or unfinished woods
  • Pre-painted, durable steel doors in different designs.
  • Energy-efficient overhead garage doors

Get Professional Garage Door Installation Services in Toronto

Our design engineers provide personalized custom garage door solutions those are high on quality and match the outlook of your home. Once you select the windows, hardware, wood, and design, we will give a complete makeover to your garage door and transform it into a work of art.

At Supreme garage doors Toronto , our engineers always follow a customer-first approach. We source high-quality products and spare parts from the leading manufacturers of the country. Let us design your custom garage door and give a complete transformation to your home.

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