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Does your garage door feel heavy, tight and does not go up when you open it? A broken spring could be the reason for it. In most broken springs you can see the separation area where it broke. In double car garages, there are two torsion springs where one may break. Even that one broken spring can prevent the garage door from opening.

It is advisable to get experienced garage door repair technicians to fix any broken springs. Doing it yourself can be a safety hazard and very risky. Springs are typically under very high tension and should not be dealt with an amateur.

Spring Replacement Toronto

Specializing in Garage Door Spring Repair Toronto

For any garage door installation, springs are vital. The type of springs installed depend upon the type of garage door model that is installed. When Supreme Doors expert technicians come to your place, they will mostly install extension or torsion garage door springs. Any adjustment, repair or garage door spring replacement Toronto  should be done only by well-trained professionals.

Torsion Springs

In the torsion variety, springs are placed upon a metal tube on the upper wall of the garage door. Drums are well placed on either side of the tube that moves up and down to open the door. When the springs unwind and lose power, the door opens and rolls up. The rate at which the torsion spring turns is called the IPPT – inch pounds per turn.

Every IPPT is based on the door’s weight, track radius, drums radius, and the door’s height. For the garage door to be balanced, the springs have to be set up carefully. Typically, you can open and close your garage door at least 10,000 times before any springs break accidentally. These can be replaced with extended springs that have a longer life warranty.

Extension Springs

We also use extension spring systems. They are used for sectional garage doors that open up and curl overhead in different four or five sections. Here the springs are mounted on ceiling support and extend inward as the door closes. Pulleys are employed to route cables from side of the door to the track. One-piece garage doors have the second type of extension spring. These doors swing outward when they are rolled up overhead. It can be a safety hazard and is no longer manufactured.

Connect with Skilled Garage Door Spring Replacement Professionals

In case you have a one-piece garage door with a broken extension spring, we recommend changing the garage door to maintain safety. Call us now to get your garage door spring repair Toronto and keep your garage door in top shape.

Trust Supreme Garage Doors to be your garage door partner who have been dedicatedly serving Toronto and surrounding neighborhoods. With more than thousands of loyal customers, we strive to provide the best and top-quality service to ensure that your garage door remains sturdy for a long time.

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